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Yarak Birds Of Prey was moved from Oxfordshire to Devon in 2002. The site that Yarak now stands on was a near derelict property. John and Di, the owners, have developed the property to its current state with sheer hard work and £1000s of personal investment!

Yarak birds of prey is, and always will be, about the welfare of its birds who are treated as family. Many of the birds here have come from unsuitable backgrounds being kept by the inexperienced, resulting in psychological and physical trauma. A lot of these birds have been integrated into our flying team at our falconry centre, whilst others prefer the safety of their aviary environment as they have lost all trust for people. For them, Yarak is like a retirement home, where they can live a fruitful and peaceful life with plenty of stimulation.

Our birds of prey have amazing personalities and we treat them like family, not tools of the trade. The reason our birds are so content is that this is their environment first and foremost, and unlike birds kept at theme parks and other falconry centres , our birds do not have to cope with excessive noise and disruption. Yarak has resisted many offers to join other locations with the promise of £1000s to be earnt, but we have always refused as our bird’s welfare remains the number one priority.

Yarak is the place for bird of prey enthusiasts of all ages to come and enjoy close up encounter courses in a natural, rural environment.

Refreshments and Food
We have a superb cafe on site where you can purchase hot & cold drinks along with some great meals all prepared in our 5 star hygiene rated kitchen

A state of complete focus on the hunt, usually referring to Accipiters. An Eastern term referencing when the bird’s training, weight, and mental focus all comes together in the field. The hawk is riding the fist in anticipation of the hunt and is ready to go.

Address: Yarak Birds Of Prey
Langford, Nr Cullompton
Devon EX15 1RG

Get In Touch

For questions, queries and bookings you can contact us via: Phone: 01884 277297
Mobile: 07736258206
Email: info@yarakbirdsofprey.co.uk

Opening Hours

Saturday and Sunday 10 am- 4 pm

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