Empathy for the birds comes first!

Its common knowledge, to people who know me, that I do not tend to go to zoos or many wildlife centres because as much as I love animals of all sorts, the sight of them in their small enclosures and the lack of empathy for the treatment of these souls is, more than often, heart breaking for me.

That being said, we visited Yarak Bird of Prey Centre in Cullompton yesterday for a full day experience with owls and falcons.

Wow, I dont think I’ve visited anywhere before that have been so empathic to the animals needs and welfare, the birds voices, needs and wants are listened to and really do come above all else!

The welcome, care, wealth of information and education from the owner and staff were second to none and the home made food was delicious and warming on a cold November day.

We felt strongly about supporting the center and further helping the many rescue birds that they care for so we sponsored a bird of prey and I hope to get the word out about this little haven so that others can enjoy a special day with these majestic creatures in a way that is safe to them.

Think about putting it on your todo list, it is well worth a visit, if you haven’t already.

I’m looking forward to returning to Yaraks next year for another wonderful experience.

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