Empathy for the birds comes first!

Its common knowledge, to people who know me, that I do not tend to go to zoos or many wildlife centres because as much as I love animals of all sorts, the sight of them in their small enclosures and the lack of empathy for the treatment of these souls is, more than often, heart breaking for me.

That being said, we visited Yarak Bird of Prey Centre in Cullompton yesterday for a full day experience with owls and falcons.

Wow, I dont think I’ve visited anywhere before that have been so empathic to the animals needs and welfare, the birds voices, needs and wants are listened to and really do come above all else!

The welcome, care, wealth of information and education from the owner and staff were second to none and the home made food was delicious and warming on a cold November day.

We felt strongly about supporting the center and further helping the many rescue birds that they care for so we sponsored a bird of prey and I hope to get the word out about this little haven so that others can enjoy a special day with these majestic creatures in a way that is safe to them.

Think about putting it on your todo list, it is well worth a visit, if you haven’t already.

I’m looking forward to returning to Yaraks next year for another wonderful experience.

Fantastic Experience!

Many Of The Beautiful Incredible Magnificent Owls Of Yarak Birds Of Prey Centre

What An Absolute Pleasure It Has Been To Hold These Beautiful Stunning Captivating Birds Of Prey And To Get To Learn And Experience So Much About Them And Their Fascinating History

Hope To Make An Return Visit Soon So I Can See Them And Relive The Magical Experience And Journey All Over Again As It’s Definitely Something You Gotta Do More Then Once So Next Year Hopefully Sometime In The Summer I Will Relive It Once Again Hopefully It Will Outdoors Next Time Around

Sadly We Didn’t Get To This Time Around Because Of The Case Of Bird Flu Going Around I Completely Understand They Gotta Do What’s Right And What’s Best To Keep Ourselves And All Of The Birds Safe I Truly Respect All Of The Stuff And The Owner For Doing An Brilliant Amazing Job Of Keeping These Beautiful Stunning Birds Safe And Well Along With Taking Great Care Of Them Showing Them So Much Love And Support As It’s Truly Wonderful What They Do For Our Beloved Sweet Cute Adorable Wildlife Friends

Anyways Thank You Again Mum For This Incredible Amazing Experience Of A Lifetime Thank You Yarak Birds of Prey For Such An Amazing Wonderful Day For Making This The Best Day Ever For Me And My Dad I Cannot Wait To Revisit Again Soon


Some of our morning birds from our Hands on Owl Encounter

Dottie and the gang from today’s morning experience ❤️🦉

How does an owl turn its head so far? Why do owls come out at night? What makes them so special?
If you’ve ever wanted to know more about these gorgeous creatures, our Owl Encounter is for you. In this experience you will be able to get up close to a variety of different owls from all over the world, learning more about each individual’s natural habits. Handling and flying, an experience you won’t regret!
For more information, have a look at our website


Golden Eagle

khan the eagle

Golden Eagle

(Aquila Chrysaetos)


Golden Eagle (Aquila Chrysaetos)

The golden eagle is the UK’s second largest birds of prey and has a wing span of around 2 metres. Males weigh-in at about 3.5kg but females are heavier at about 5kg. Adult golden eagles are predominantly dark brown with paler feathers around the back of the head – giving the species its name. Juvenile golden eagles are a richer chocolate brown with conspicuous white wing and tail patches.


The rugged and remote terrain of the peatlands, uplands and mountains is the haunt of the golden eagle. Originally they ranged over much of upland Britain and Ireland but persecution and modification of their habitat since the mid 18th century has all but restricted them to the wildest parts of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. A few pairs survive in the hills of southern Scotland but currently there are none in England. There is a project to reintroduce golden eagles to the mountains of Ireland underway at present.


Golden eagles are top of the chain of birds of prey taking a wide range of prey. Typical food includes hares, rabbits, ptarmigan, grouse, deer calves, seabirds and carrion. They require large home ranges in which to hunt and breed and are highly territorial, in particular defending the core part of their home range; this area is their territory. Home ranges and territories are used over many years and some pairs have more than one nest (eyrie) and make alternate use of these. Eyries can be on cliffs or in trees and they become large, bulky structures over the years. Golden eagles rarely breed until they are four to five years old and many birds live beyond 30 years. A clutch typically comprises one to three eggs with two the norm. These are laid between early March and mid April. Incubation lasts 41 – 45 days so that the chicks hatch in late April to early June. The chicks then spend about 70 days in the nest before fledging from July to mid September. The most productive pairs can raise two young but many pairs only raise one. There is a high overall failure rate with the latest national survey recording an average of just 0.36 chicks fledging per pair. UK population: The latest national survey was in 2003 and it recorded 442 pairs. Previous national surveys in 1982 and 1992 counted 424 pairs and 422 pairs, respectively. There has therefore been little change in the overall population over the past 20 years. However, this apparent stability disguises some shifts in the population distribution (e.g. there have been increases in the Western Isles and in parts of Caithness and Sutherland but declines in the central and eastern Highlands.

The Golden Eagle is a magnificent bird of prey.


An Evening With Owls


This unique evening event gets you up close and personal with our exciting variety of owls, swooping and gliding over your head or landing on your gloved fist. Our new Twilight Zone will give you a completely different encounter, as you experience owls flying past you in the dark.

You will also get a glimpse of our centre ‘after hours’ when a lot of our owls prefer to come out and about!

During the experience you will receive lots of information about the owls and be able to ask as many questions as you like, giving you a real insight into the world of these stylish hunters.

This is a two hour indoor/outdoor experience, running from 6pm – 8pm, available on the specific dates listed.

Dates of event
August 15th
October 31st

1 person – £15.00
2 people – £25.00
3 people – £35.00

For larger group numbers please contact us directly.

Once a voucher has been purchased please call us on 01884 277297 to book your preferred date.

Minimum age: 10 years old.

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