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  • Empathy for the birds comes first!
    Its common knowledge, to people who know me, that I do not tend to go to zoos or many wildlife centres because as much as I love animals of all sorts, the sight of them in their small enclosures and the lack of empathy for the treatment of these souls is, more than often, heart breaking for me. … Read more
  • Fantastic Experience!
    Many Of The Beautiful Incredible Magnificent Owls Of Yarak Birds Of Prey Centre What An Absolute Pleasure It Has Been To Hold These Beautiful Stunning Captivating Birds Of Prey And To Get To Learn And Experience So Much About Them And Their Fascinating History Hope To Make An Return Visit Soon So I Can See Them And Relive … Read more
  • Some of our morning birds from our Hands on Owl Encounter
    Dottie and the gang from today’s morning experience ❤️🦉 How does an owl turn its head so far? Why do owls come out at night? What makes them so special?If you’ve ever wanted to know more about these gorgeous creatures, our Owl Encounter is for you. In this experience you will be able to get up close to … Read more
  • Golden Eagle
    Golden Eagle (Aquila Chrysaetos) Golden Eagle (Aquila Chrysaetos) The golden eagle is the UK’s second largest birds of prey and has a wing span of around 2 metres. Males weigh-in at about 3.5kg but females are heavier at about 5kg. Adult golden eagles are predominantly dark brown with paler feathers around the back of the head – giving … Read more
  • An Evening With Owls
    SOLD OUT This unique evening event gets you up close and personal with our exciting variety of owls, swooping and gliding over your head or landing on your gloved fist. Our new Twilight Zone will give you a completely different encounter, as you experience owls flying past you in the dark. You will also get a glimpse of … Read more
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